Services and Offerings

Security Audit

A computer security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed at a specific site.Security audits are part of the on-going process of defining and maintaining effective security policies. This is not just a conference room activity. It involves everyone who uses any computer resources throughout the organization. Given the dynamic nature of computer configurations and information storage, some managers may wonder if there is truly any way to check the security ledgers, so to speak. Security audits provide such a tool, a fair and measurable way to examine how secure a site really is.

Business Continuity

Customer loyalty is fleeting; and the value of a lost moment can be significant,especially for service companies that have enforceable service level agreements. Business continuity is an organization’s ability to ensure operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident that take critical systems offline. Business continuity planning is the interdepartmental process, often led by information technology, of implementing the tactics used to restore normal business in a set amount of time, define the amount of data loss acceptable to the business, and communicate critical information to organizational stakeholders during and following incidents

Data Security

Data must be protected at all costs. We advise on the best tools in the market for data protection as well as its implementation in order to prevent theft and tampering of precious information.Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in information technology (IT) cyber security capabilities to protect their critical assets. Whether an enterprise needs to protect a brand, intellectual capital, and customer information or provide controls for critical infrastructure, the means for incident detection and response to protecting organizational interests have three common elements: people, processes, and technology

Computer Maintenance and servicing

We can offer a wide choice of knowledge and service, covering all fieldsrelated to computer maintenance. Whenever you experience computer hardware orsoftware issues, Biashara Solutions IT support team will quickly determine cause and find asolution to your problem